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Tell Me More! Leveraging Client Modalities, Strengths, Insights, Session 6-1
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Tell Me More! Leveraging Client Modalities, Strengths, Insights, Session 6-1

Denslow Brown, CPO®, CPO-CD®, MCC, Master Trainer (ICD)
Client Interaction

Identifying Processing Modality strengths and sensitivities reveals important organizing opportunities and challenges for both the client and the Professional Organizer or Productivity Consultant. We routinely ask our clients "What works?... What doesn't work?" We need to listen deeply to and beneath their answers -- and ask for more. Through this coaching approach, we gather the material to build a bridge from where they are now to where (and who) they want to be. The Processing Modalities Model was developed ten years ago (by a PO and ADHD coaches) to demystify an individual's management of his or her life, time, home, work and belongings. The nine processing modalities represent basic functioning approaches. The first five modalities are sense-based; the remaining four are more complex (cognitive, verbal, emotional and intuitive). You and your clients can make great use of this model without a deep education or analysis. The simple framework will enable a discovery-based partnership with any client. The Processing Modalities Model is valuable tool in client assessment, motivation, self-awareness, systems design, and habit development (maintenance). Using modality insights in a creative collaboration to address your clients' goals successfully -- and benefit them indefinitely.

  • Understand the Processing Modalities Model and the role modality strengths and sensitivities play in each person's organizing abilities, organizing motivation, productivity, and habit formation
  • Apply a coaching philosophy and basic coaching skills to ignite client curiosity, insight and confidence
  • Use the Processing Modalities Chart (provided) to introduce and maintain an on-going conversation with a client about his/her own organizing/productivity strengths and challenges
  • Observe the modality clues in a client's profession, hobbies, environment and language, as well as in areas of functional success and struggle
  • Respect that, when addressed through a modalities lens, several typical client challenges (over-attachment, delayed action, story-telling) reflect corresponding strengths, and that this duality provides an opening to frank and constructive exploration and the potential for change.

Denslow Brown, CPO®, CPO-CD®, MCC, Master Trainer (ICD)

A professional organizer since 1974 and an ADD and mentor coach since 1994, Denslow founded Coach Approach for Organizers training program and credentials organizer & productivity coaches. She’s received NAPO’s President and Founders’ Awards, and ICD’s Judith Kolberg Award. Author: The Processing Modalities Guide for Organizers.


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