CPO® Emeritus: Retirement Credential


The CPO® Emeritus

  • Grants continued recognition of having earned the CPO credential. 
  • Indicates professional pride in one’s accomplishments and in the industry.
  • Provides a means for the bearer to maintain social and intellectual connections with the industry and peers.
  • Signifies that the bearer is beginning a new chapter of life with new opportunities.
  • Attests to the deep roots of the Certified Professional Organizer® credential and the earnest professionals who sought credentialing.
  • Demonstrates that the certificant is part of a body of experienced experts who are resources for leading, teaching, speaking and mentoring.
  • Indicates to the public that the bearer is an expert in whom trust and confidence can be placed – an important perception should the bearer be called upon for limited media consultations or professional engagements.
  • Conveys a sense of gravitas with regard to our profession.

A CPO can request the retirement credential after:

  • retiring from the profession of organizing and productivity for more than incidental monetary gain (that is, the individual is working less than 100 hours a year in organizing and productivity and not generating significant income).
  • holding the CPO credential for a minimum of 12 years (one certification period and three full recertification cycles),
  • attaining 60 years of age or older, 
  • signing a statement of upholding the BCPO Code of Ethics,
  • and paying the one-time retirement credential fee of $200 USD.

What are the on going requirements?

You must not work more than 100 hours a year to maintain CPO Emeritus status. However, if you do work more than 100 hours in a year, you must report this as you are no longer considered retired and not eligible for CPO Emeritus status. 

Ready to Apply?

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