NAPO2021 Annual Conference
5-2 Leveling up: How a CRM is a Game Changer

5-2: Leveling up: How a CRM is a Game Changer

Amy Payne, CPO, and Carrie Downey


Business Operations


Take your business to the next level. A Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software is much more than a contact list. Explore how a CRM helps you juggle incoming leads, projects, business operations, and more. Connect the pieces of your business, streamline processes, and automate, so your CRM works for you. We will share how maximizing CRM systems has been a game changer for our businesses. This session is an overview and not specific to one software.

Session Objectives:
- Describe what a CRM is and why every Professional Organizer needs one
- Map out workflows to streamline business operations
- Identify how maximizing the features of your CRM can automate and grow your business

We will engage the audience through lecture, case studies, screenshots, hands-on process mapping in groups and Q&A.



Amy Payne, CPO 

Amy Payne, CPO started organizing in 2011 and is the owner of Lasting Order, a multi-person organizing and productivity business in southwest Indiana. With a compassionate heart and a listening ear, Amy patiently teaches and trains people in their businesses and homes.

She also works virtually with business clients around the world to help them create efficient processes and maximize technology. Her greatest joy is seeing client reactions when they go from overwhelmed and stressed to finally experiencing freedom and peace!



Carrie Downey 

Carrie Downey is a Productivity and Organizational Systems Consultant who helps small businesses and individual professionals achieve clarity in their work environment. The business she started in 2014, Clarity Co. LLC, offers Productivity Consulting, as well as Office and Digital Organizing services.

Carrie’s consultation can help businesses refine their processes and help teams work together most efficiently. Businesses turn to her for help implementing new or maximizing their existing CRM or productivity software.

Her training and 10-year career as a mental health therapist prior to opening Clarity Co. helps clients discover behavioral patterns, emotional obstacles, and time management struggles that are contributing to their disorganization. The non-judgmental environment she creates in her sessions allows her clients to feel safe in exploring where there’s room for improvement while also celebrating their strengths to evolve in the workplace.



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