NAPO2021 Annual Conference
5-1 Focus Your Profits on Photo Organizing

5-1: Focus Your Profits on Photo Organizing

Jill Yesko, CPO, CPPO


Organizing & Productivity


Jill Yesko, CPO, CPPO started organizing photos with her very first client in 2003.  Her mindset was that everyone has photos - it’s the ONE common denominator that every client has, and it is an underserved part of YOUR organizing business. Eighty percent of Jill’s employees know how to scan, organize and digitize photos, and the photo division of her business makes up 35% of her annual revenue.  

Session Objectives:
- Decide which part of the photo organizing business is right for you, right now.
- Cross-train professional organizers that are employees or subcontractors (or even a solopreneur) to become skilled at photo organizing. This will fill in those calendar gaps in a very lucrative way, for the organizer as well as the business.  
- Market to your existing clients, as well as develop a marketing strategy to your target client demographic.
- Purchase the right software and equipment or every “in-house” phase of your photo organizing division.



Jill Yesko, CPO, CPPO

Jill Yesko founded Discover Organizing Inc. in 2003, and joined NAPO in 2004. She is the current and proud President of the Pittsburgh Chapter of NAPO, and is an inaugural Certified Professional Organizer. Jill is also a Certified Professional Photo Organizer, Senior Move Manager, and professional speaker. She diligently prepares her team of experts to deliver high-quality, comprehensive services to their clients in the Pittsburgh and Philadelphia areas. 




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