NAPO2021 Annual Conference
3-2 Introduction to EOS: Clarify Your Vision, Simplify Processes & Achieve Greater Results

3-2: Introduction to EOS: Clarify Your Vision, Simplify Processes & Achieve Greater Results

Jackie Kibler


Business Operations 


Jackie introduces a complete set of simple concepts and practical tools being used by thousands of entrepreneurial leadership teams to clarify, simplify and achieve their vision – the Entrepreneurial Operating System (EOS)®.

Session Objectives:
- Understand the six keys to building a truly great organization
- Have the 
ability to get everyone focused on achieving a clear company vision
- Build your
 confidence to confront organizational issues head-on
- Learn about t
he power of instilling discipline and accountability throughout the organization.


Jackie Kibler

Hi. I’m Jackie Kibler. I connect dots, rock boats, think boldly, and streamline sales and operational efficiencies so entrepreneurs can take their organizations to the next level. I have 30 years’ experience improving businesses, including managing a global sales team at a Fortune 500 company, coaching 60 CEOs, and creating a sales, recruiting, and retention strategy for a local business.

My ability to drive change stems from observing my parents, who were entrepreneurs, and from studying successful companies—all centered around people, process, and accountability. In 2015, I discovered the Entrepreneurial Operating System® and realized how this proven process drives transformation in business when combined with discipline and accountability.

I launched J.W. Kibler Group, LLC, a business and executive coaching firm, and became a Professional EOS Implementer. My work helps CEOs get more from their businesses and personal lives. I know the EOS Model is the keystone to greater success.




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