NAPO2021 Annual Conference
3-1 Student Organizing – The What, Why and Is It For You?

3-1: Student Organizing - The What, Why, and Is It for You?

Amanda Lecaude 

Organizing & Productivity


I now live and breathe student organizing and love making a difference!  Come along and learn what student organizing is all about and in particular how it is so much more than just organizing and time management.  Understand the many important elements for students (and their families) and see if it might be an opportunity for you to grow and expand your current business or maybe to go in an entirely different direction altogether.

Session Objectives:
- Develop a basic understanding of the world of student organizing and the elements to it
- Gain an insight into the importance for students in terms of both study and life
- Decide if it is likely to be a niche or business area of interest to explore further

Attendees Receive:
op 10 tips of what to do and not to do in establishing and growing a student organizing business


Amanda Lecaude

Amanda Lecaudé is an experienced Academic Life Coach, Executive Function Coach and Organising Expert who is very passionate about ensuring all children and students (both Neurotypical and those with learning challenges) are equipped with simple and effective organisational, time management and study skills as they are key to their success and enjoyment at school and in life.

Based in Australia, she works 1:1 with many students and parents and also very closely with both primary and secondary school communities where she regularly provides lesson content as well as conducting workshops for students, parents, and teachers on a range of topics.

Amanda is a regular speaker at a variety of conferences, workshops and panels and is well regarded and known for her expert knowledge and experience in this field. Amanda provides practical tips, strategies and ideas to her audiences, particularly parents, and they appreciate her content rich tips and strategies enabling them to be better equipped to face the challenges they and their children confront today.

As a mother of two sons, both at various stages of their education, she understands the importance of equipping students with these key skills as early as possible to assist them throughout their lives.





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