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2-5 Powerful Automation: It's as Simple as IFTTT and Quick as a Zap

2-5: Powerful Automation: It's as Simple as IFTTT and Quick as a Zap

Jamie Steele


Technology Pro


What is powerful automation? Imagine. You get a lead from Facebook.  Without automation tools, you have to manually add them to a mailing list.  Automation tools like IFTTT and Zapier will perform this task for you.

In this presentation, you will create your own Applets and Zaps to automate a system in your business.  We will explore which automation tool is right for you and dig deep into the features of IFTTT and Zapier.

Session Objectives:
- Determine which automation tools are right for your needs
- Learn the differences between IFTTT and Zapier
- Create an Applet in IFTTT
- Create a Zap in Zapier
- Streamline a business process


Jamie Steele                           

Jamie Steele is the owner of Tidy Your Time where she helps busy entrepreneurs overcome digital disorganization and productivity challenges by finding space in their calendar so they can focus on their passions. Jamie is an accomplished speaker, blogger, and magazine contributor.  She is well versed and skilled in many technology platforms but has a special affinity for Microsoft and Android products.  

Jamie is based in Pflugerville, Texas just outside of Austin.  She lives with her husband and son. She has two dogs, a lizard, 2 guinea pigs, and a couple of foster dogs running around.  It is an understatement to say she is an animal lover.

Jamie is the Past President of NAPO-Austin and currently serves on the NAPO Austin Board as the Director of Communications and Technology, The POINT Committee, and Moderator of the Director of Communications and Technology 



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