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The NAPO Professional Organizer and Productivity Consultant Search Tool lets you search by type of service, distance from your location, or both. You'll receive a list of professionals in your area who specialize in the type of service(s) you're looking for, as well as information about their businesses. 

In your search results, you will see a variety of professional designations including the following:

Certified Professional Organizers®: Certified Professional Organizers® have proven their industry proficiency by documenting a specific number of paid transfer-of-skill client contact hours, passing the Board of Certification for Professional Organizers examination, and agreeing to adhere to the BCPO Code of Ethics.

Golden Circle Members: Golden Circle designates professional members who have a NAPO tenure of five years or longer and are recognized for their commitment to the profession.

Search Tool Tips

  • If you know the name or company of the professional whose information you seek,
    go directly to those fields at the bottom of the search screen. Otherwise, see the
    instructions below for tips on using the geographic fields.
  • To narrow your search beyond geography, select Business or Residential
    categories, and/or CPO Designation, before hitting the “Continue” button.

 U.S. Searches


  • You may search by City and State, or by Zip code.
  • When searching by City, do not use abbreviations (e.g., St. Louis should be spelled
    out as Saint Louis).
  • We don’t recommend searching by Address. If you want to go beyond the City/State
    level, using Zip Code will provide a more accurate search.

Please note: the required fields do not apply when searching out of the United States. 

Canada Searches

  • When you select “Canada” from the Country field, the Location field will change to
    Province. Select the desired Province.

Other Country Searches

  • Select your country from the Country field, and if appropriate, enter a more specific
    geographic area (such as State or Province) in the Location field.


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