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Claim your Feminine Power: A Bellydancer's Perspective on How to Lead, Love, and Live as a Woman
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Claim your Feminine Power: A Bellydancer's Perspective on How to Lead, Love, and Live as a Woman (without losing your passion...or your mind) 

Charissa Sisou

How do we end the epidemic of burnout, flagging passion, and feelings of disconnect faced by many women, including professional organizers and their clients? Hint: the answer isn’t another “to-do” but a different approach to what you already do, every day. In this playful, non-scary (I promise!) session, you’ll learn simple ways to connect with your juicy, feminine self, and free up more time, energy, and passion – in unexpected ways!

Connecting with your juicy feminine self is key to owning the room (before you’ve said a word), attracting your ideal clients, and uncovering hidden reserves of energy, intelligence and healing to reignite your passion, in work, life and relationships. 

The key to enjoying the experience of your feminine body and accessing your feminine body’s hidden wisdom and power is in tweaking the things that you already do every day, to bring more energy, more time, more passion and more pleasure into your life and business. (Because the last thing you need is one more item on your to-do list!)

Key objectives that we’ll cover:

1) The 4 common areas where women hold stress – often without even realizing it: how to recognize when you’re storing tension and how to release it, on demand.

2) A powerful tool, shifting a common everyday task into a daily act of self-love and adoration. (Who couldn’t use more of that?)

3) How to turn your walk into an ongoing source of energy – like a battery that keeps your cup filled every time you move.

4) How to create a personal ecosystem of pleasure, passion and exquisite self-care, making you unstoppable… and absolutely irresistible!



Charissa Sisou

Chief Correspondent from Your Happy Place and High Priestess of Pleasure to Women Here to Change the World, Charisse Sisou of is on a mission to populate the world with happy women. 

As a nationally award-winning bellydancer and speaker, she’s reconnected thousands of women and girls with the hidden reserves of energy, intelligence and healing that reside in every woman’s body. As a professional writer, she’s supported executives and entrepreneurs to tell their stories and share their gifts. And as corporate bad*ss and business owner, she’s navigated the challenges we face as women leaders. With a BA in Women’s Studies from Amherst and MBA coursework from the Booth School of Business, Charisse is one of those rare teachers equally strategic and creative, analytic and intuitive—bringing her interdisciplinary approach to the art and science of claiming your feminine power. 

Author of Every Day Pleasure, contributor to the upcoming Courageous Hearts, and creator of The Passion Cure and the Claim Your Feminine Power Course, Charisse leads workshops, retreats and women’s circles with love and a playful heart, inspiring you to show up as ALL of who you are – curves, edges and all.



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