6-5: Are you Ready for Organizing with Differently Abled Clients?
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6-5: Are you Ready for Organizing with Differently Abled Clients?

Carri LaCroix Pan
Challenging Needs

This workshop will enhance and stretch professionals to see how their current practice meets the needs of a variety of people and how they could further widen the scope of people they can help. You will leave with tricks and tips to assist people in daily living while working through organizational issues.Bring questions and open mind to discuss problem solving examples.

The objectives are:
1) There is no 1 size fits all. Being committed to helping different people organize takes flexibility in approach. 
2) Help new organizers become familiar with differently abled people and their challenges
3) Hands on  & reference tools for resources to incorporate in PO’s practices.   



Carri LaCroix Pan

Carri LaCroix Pan retired from teaching special education to stay home with her young children. She emerged energized to do something creative with her experiences. She opened Carri the Filing Fairy and the special needs population found her. Carri has been organizing everything from deceased hoarder's homes to high school students' college application mail - always with a unique perspective on working with special populations. Carri is excited to share her life's work with you.


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