5-5: Tuning in to the Needs of Disorganized Musicians and Other Creatives
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5-5: Tuning in to the Needs of Disorganized Musicians and Other Creatives

Debbie Stanley
Challenging Needs

Are you ready to be a hero to a whole new set of clients? Most professional musicians and other artists are independent, so they need organization just as much as every other self-employed client. They also often have special challenges, and the right support can make all the difference in their success. As an organizer, you are uniquely positioned to help creatives to keep making their art AND making a living with it.

This session will teach you ...
- why creative disorganization is a special challenge, and a special gift,
- important ways that the music biz differs from any other industry you've worked with,
- how to adapt organization as you know it to fit the rhythms and needs of musicians and other creatives,
- and how to ease artists' fears that they'll lose their creativity if they get too structured and regimented.



Debbie Stanley

Over the last 20+ years, Debbie has established herself as an organizational consultant, speaker, instructor, and author across all industries. Her expertise includes AD/HD and chronic disorganization, and she’s had extensive exposure to the fields of education, finance, health, law, publishing, print and broadcast journalism, and music. Her passion is guiding clients to improve their performance, whether by refining their own individual organizational skills or adding processes that elevate a group's operation to higher levels.

Now residing in Austin, Texas, Debbie has sharpened her focus to the music industry. Her primary project is systems development for DeMaris Entertainment, a talent buying and concert & event production company in expansion mode. Debbie’s latest book, The Organized Musician, is helping independent musicians around the world to live their dream of a career in music. Her pro bono time is devoted to the Musicians’ Living Wage public advocacy movement, which she co-founded with Brandon DeMaris.

Members might recognize Debbie as the developer and instructor of NAPO's flagship course, Fundamental Organizing and Productivity Principles; past president of NAPO-Michigan; and a Founders' Award and Shining Star Award recipient.



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