2-5: Solutions for Hoarding: Four Alternatives to Rapid Clean-Out
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2-5: Solutions for Hoarding: Four Alternatives to Rapid Clean-Out

Angela Esnouf & Wendy Hanes
Challenging Needs

Hoarding is not a problem fixed quickly, or in isolation.  Media often focus on extreme decluttering as being the solution to a hoarding problem.  Most people are not aware that there are alternative approaches that may better suit their needs. We’ll look at four alternative approaches and five questions to help you clarify the client’s goal.

- After attending this session, participants will be able to...
- Identify whether extreme clutter is the result of hoarding or some other factor
- Clarify client goals in order to bring the best solution
- Understand the pros and cons of the rapid clean out in a hoarding situation
- Understand effective techniques which can help clients who are not in a state of readiness
- Implement the Graded Clean technique, currently considered best practice for long term results
- Implement the GRIP technique, useful for helping clients who have been diagnosed with OCD and severe anxiety disorders
- Engage appropriate services to deliver safe, effective progress
- Recognise common pitfalls that even experienced professional organizers fall into, and how to avoid them

The presentation lecture will engage the audience with a fresh approach to a serious community problem. The practical strategies we present will be backed up with out-in-the-real-world case studies from our own experience.

Our practical strategies have been developed under real conditions, and in collaboration with leading experts in the field of Hoarding Disorder, so we know that anyone who enters a hoarded home can make a difference immediately. Feedback from Professional Organizers who have attended our workshops has consistently highlighted how well the training prepared them to work with clients who hoard.



Angela Esnouf & Wendy Hanes

Angela Esnouf’s motto is Live Well, Laugh Often, Love Much. Her life as an organizer, helping people get organized, as well as teaching new organizers the ropes, helps her live that motto. In 2005 she started her business, Creating Order from Chaos, with a passion for helping people by using the skills others admired in her.

Now as a veteran of the organizing industry, with advanced skills and a deeper understanding of organizing as a career, as well as the needs of the disorganized person, her passion lies in helping others to start their own flourishing organising business.

Angela believes in education and continuing improvement.  Her professional organizer training program has helped students from around the world and all corners of Australia.  She is excited that this training is now taught virtually.

Angela is a Golden Circle member of NAPO and is NAPO’s Ambassador in Australia. She served on the AAPO committee for many years, holding many positions, including President. She is a subscriber of the Institute for Challenging Disorganization with specialist ICD certificates in Chronic Disorganization, Hoarding and ADHD.


Wendy Hanes has been called upon by administrators and guardians, mental health experts, government agencies, social workers and families of hoarders. She is the most highly qualified expert in Australia who works hands-on day-to-day in this special field.

Wendy delivers workshops and training to educate people working in the front line including professional organizers, social workers, environmental health officers and specialist cleaners. She works in both the public and private sector and is renowned for delivering results that meet the requirements of landlords, housing officers and administrators while keeping the hoarder’s well-being at the centre of decision making.

Wendy started her organizing career in 2006 and is committed to developing the industry in Australia as well developing her own her skills as a professional organizer. She is proud of her achievements to date:
• Certified Professional Organizer© with the Board of Certified Professional Organizers
• Australia’s only Certified Professional Organizer in Chronic Disorganization (CPO-CD©)

As Australia’s most highly qualified hands-on worker in the field of hoarding, you will be amazed to hear her common sense approach to dealing with this complex problem.


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