4-5 Gaining Insight into Client and Business Success by Increasing Your Emotional Intelligence

4-5: Gaining Insight into Client and Business Success by Increasing Your Emotional Intelligence

Janice Simon
Cultivate Your Craft 


Having excellent skills, a strong knowledge of productivity apps, and a variety of tools for clients are not enough to be successful in working with your client or working on a team. Research has shown that Emotional Intelligence is twice as important than hard skills when it comes to engaging with clients, your colleagues or your team leader.  Learn how to effectively manage your and your client’s intense emotions, increase social awareness in working within a group, and create authentic relationships in your work both as a team member and a leader.

Session Objectives:

Gain a deeper understanding of how emotional intelligence can be leveraged when giving and receiving feedback

- Learn how managing your emotions well in yourself can improve your relationships, your leadership skills, and motivate others
- Understand the four clusters of the Emotional Intelligence competencies
- Discover the benefits of having good awareness of your emotional intelligence
- Learn how you can expand your emotional intelligence strengths and effectively manage intense emotions

I will engage the audience with lecture, interactive exercises, and hands-on exercises. This will help professional organizers work with clients and each other more effectively. 


Janice Simon

Janice Marie Simon, M.A.,CPO®  is a Leadership Practitioner for the Leadership Institute at the University of Texas M.D. Anderson Cancer Center in Houston, Texas. As a professional organizer, she makes departmental presentations on organizing and time management and offers one-on-one organizing sessions for clients throughout the institution. In the Leadership Institute, she works on the onboarding coaching program for newly hired and newly promoted leaders, the institution's mentoring program, and leadership programs for high potential employees.

She is a Certified Professional Organizer and a member of the National Association of Professional Organizers. She is The Organized Auntie on the SavvyAuntie.com website, and she has a blog at www.theclutterprincess.com.





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