4-4 Develop a Project Plan to Turn Clients into Super-Fans!

4-4: Develop a Project Plan to Turn Clients into Super-Fans!

Laura Ellis, CPO
Cultivate Your Craft 


We give you the tools, talking points and technology to create a project plan that will wow your clients and make your job so much easier.

Session Objectives:
- Develop and deliver a polished project plan.
- Incorporate your client’s vision.
- Manage client expectations.
- Create and set attainable timelines and budgets.
- Discover the Secret Sauce to creating a stellar project plan.



Laura Ellis

Laura Ellis, CPO was raised in New Jersey and New York and has lived in LA since 2000. Organizing makes her happy, always has. Along the way, she’s discovered that not everyone feels that way. When she worked as an Executive Assistant for CEO’s in New York City, it was her job to keep the top dogs prepared and functioning at peak performance; organizing their spaces helped her do that.

Laura’s friends and family asked her to help them out of overwhelm by clearing their cutter. So, she did because it’s daunting to tackle a cluttered room alone!  But for her, it’s like solving the most satisfying puzzle. When she realized how much she loved it, and discovered Professional Organizing was a thing, the light flipped on and she found her true passion. Organized by Ellis is born out of a love for helping people get more out of life. In 2012, timing and opportunity aligned, (secret code for – she got laid off) and started her own company. 

Laura is a 2-time VP and Past President for NAPO-LA. She has several specialist badges and is an Evernote Certified consultant. She loves marketing and geeks out about growing Organized by Ellis’ Instagram!




Blog: https://organizedbyellis.com/blog/



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