4-3 Ready, Set, Speak: The Beginner's Guide to Public Speaking

4-3: Ready, Set, Speak: The Beginner's Guide to Public Speaking 

Geralin Thomas 
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Session Objectives:
- Understand the necessary elements of an oral presentation.
- Connect their vision and brand to their presentations.
- Learn the keys to communicating with event planners.
- Discover how to deliver successful performances.
- Implement simple rules and processes for avoiding rookie mistakes.
- Gain confidence in their ability to use public speaking to gain clients and publicity.


Geralin Thomas

Geralin Thomas is a professional organizer, career coach for professional organizers, NAPO instructor, and founder of Metropolitan OrganizingĀ® in Cary, NC. Thomas is the author of Decluttering Your Home: Tips, Tactics & Trade Secrets (Firefly Books, 2015) and From Hoarding to Hope: Understanding People Who Hoard and How to Help Them (Metrozing Publishing, 2015). 




Blog: https://www.metropolitanorganizing.com/metrozing/



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