4-2 What Going Digital Can Do For Your Business

4-2: What Going Digital Can Do For Your Business

Helena Alkhas
Conquer the Fundamentals 


As solopreneurs, we are always wondering where our next organizing client will come from, but what if you could have a cushion to fall on? What if you could create additional streams of revenue while you established yourself as an authority, built an audience and promoted your business? And what if you could share your passion for organizing to many more clients than the ones you organize privately? That's what digital products, such as ebooks, webinars and courses, and a strong media presence can do for you and your business. 

Session Objectives:
- The opportunities digital marketing and digital products can bring to you and your business.
- The product creation, promotion and distribution process.
- The pitfalls and what to avoid.
- The tools, training, and resources available to get you started.


Helena Alkhas

Helena Alkhas has been organizing the homes and offices of busy moms since 2010. On the way, she found her passion for the online world and digital marketing. Helena is a NAPO instructor, holds the NAPO Residential, Life Transitions and Workplace Certificates and the Level II – Chronic Disorganization Specialist Certificate by the Institute of Challenging Disorganization. In 2016, after relocating with her family for the 7th and last time, Helena created and launched an online marketing and business training for professional organizers in Portuguese. She now trains and mentors professional organizers around the world on how to create, launch and promote their organizing business. Helena is fluent in English, Spanish and Portuguese and has lived and worked around the world.




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