4-1 Evernote®: The Ultimate Inbox for Getting Things Done

4-1: Evernote: The Ultimate Inbox for Getting Things Done® 

Stacey Harmon
Conference Concentration 


You should have as many in-trays as you need and as few as you can get by with. You need this function to be available to you in every context, since things you'll want to capture may show up almost anywhere." - David Allen. It's no wonder that so many GTD® practitioners have flocked to Evernote as their tool for GTD. No other software matches the capture power of Evernote across every context. Evernote is the ultimate inbox for GTD. Learn why in this presentation by Evernote Regional Leader and Evernote Certified Consultant Stacey Harmon.

Session Objectives:
-  How to reduce your in-trays down to just 2: A physical inbox, and Evernote.
- The obvious – and not so obvious – ways to capture and centralize information in Evernote from both your computer and your mobile device.
- Notebooks or tags? You'll learn which is the best way to organize Evernote for GTD, and why it matters.
- The top 5 Evernote power-skills you need to be efficient in your Evernote GTD practice.
- Curated resources for expanding your GTD Evernote knowledge and network.


Stacey Harmon

Stacey Harmon helps thousands of people every year to solve their productivity problems using Evernote through her teaching and coaching programs. Her superpower is organizing and she is on a mission to show others how to create the freedom, space, and control in life that results from getting digitally organized. Through her company, Harmon Enterprises, she offers courses and products that apply the transformative power of Evernote in a practical and approachable way. She is an Evernote Regional Leader for North America, an Evernote Certified Consultant and a member of NAPO. She practices GTD®, loves dogs and fresh flowers, and when she isn't traveling the world, can be found in Austin, TX.  




Blog: https://www.harmonenterprises.com/blog



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