3-5 Everything Has a Home - Even You!

3-5: Everything Has a Home - Even You!

Kathy Vines, CPO
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This industry has so much to offer people who are talented and passionate about organizing and productivity. But what if they don’t want to run a whole business, or they’ve been doing that and want to step back but still stay connected (and make money)? We’ll explore the wide variety of options and what multi-person business owners say about what it takes to be an indispensable part of a bigger team and the industry! 

Session Objectives:
- Understand the variety of ways people who are talented and passionate about organizing can contribute to the industry… it doesn’t all have to be about owning your own business
- Learn what business owners look for most when hiring employees or bringing on independent contractors, and what turns them off!
- Complete and reflect on a career-profile of skills and traits for our industry that can help define where someone might fit best, or might LEAST fit, both now and in the future. 

Our time together will be a combination of lecture, individual exercises, and small group discussions/sharing with the broader audience when comfortable doing so.

As the industry continues to grow and meet the needs of clients, the opportunities for how people can make a difference also expands. The fact is, not everyone wants to be a business owner in the industry, and that’s totally okay! We should encourage people with a passion and talent for organizing and productivity to explore a myriad of opportunities that meet their goals, their lifestyle, and their skills!  


Kathy Vines, CPO

Kathy Vines is a Certified Professional Organizer, Productivity Specialist, and the owner of Clever Girl Organizing, based in Melrose, MA. Kathy launched Clever Girl in early 2013 after a 20-year career in Human Resources. She works with residential and small business clients to help untangle their relationship to stuff and create the systems they need to conquer the chaos around them. She is the author of “Clever Girls’ Guide to Living with Less: Break Free from Your Stuff, Even When Your Head and Heart Get in the Way”. Kathy has been featured in the Boston Globe, Better Homes and Gardens “Secrets of Getting Organized” magazine, Real Simple’s “Organize Your Home” magazine, and appeared on “Inside Edition”. 

Kathy is also a certified coach (CTACC) offering executive coaching and career strategy partnership to Generation X professionals looking to transform and excel within their careers and works with aspiring professional organizers to explore and launch their careers and experienced organizers looking to pivot in their businesses and careers.




Blog: https://www.clevergirlorganizing.com/category/blog/



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