3-4 Instruction, Coaching & Brain-Based Education Strategies for Students with ADHD

3-4: Instruction, Coaching & Brain-Based Education Strategies for Students with ADHD

Diane Thomson
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Middle and high school students are expected to manage their school life, e.g.: keep a myriad materials and information organized, navigate their assignments and manage their time, with little instruction to facilitate their success. If working with students interests you or if you already do but question your effectiveness; you will be introduced to an approach designed to help students with executive functioning challenges/ADHD, integrate skills and develop habits for a lifetime of success. 

Session Objectives:
- Understand the challenges today's student experiences in staying organized.
- Become familiar with ways to introduce organizational skills and concepts. 
- Be introduced to the role of coaching in facilitating awareness and integration of skills.
- Become familiar with executive function challenges that impact students’ success.
- Consider the role parents play in the learning process.

Engaging the Audience: 
- The presentation will be lecture style with 2-3 case studies to illustrate the concepts.
- Will include in PowerPoint, graphics of methods I use with students to teach the skills.
- Will demonstrate product(s) and highlight related skills involved in its use.
- Will welcome audience Q&A at the end of the presentation.

The expectation on students' performance in today's world is high and they are not prepared with the necessary skills to meet that demand. Students are failing due to their inability to be organized and use time effectively, and parents are desperate for help that most school systems cannot offer. PO’s who feel an inclination for working with students would broaden their understanding of effective transfer of skills, by increasing their understanding of the impact of coaching and the importance of executive dysfunction education. As a result, they have the potential to be experts and add an income stream to their business. 



Diane Thomson

In 2002, Diane Thomson, MS, COC began her career as a Professional Organizer in response to her innate tendencies for managing living spaces and life’s multiple demands. 

This skill, along with her professional background in counseling, guides her ability to co-create organization and productivity systems that reflect who her clients are and the challenges they face. Diane specializes in helping students and their parents learn organizational skills that promote greater success in school.  She presents on a variety of topics, but her student organization workshops are the most sought after. 

Since becoming a Certified Organizer Coach (C.O.C.) in 2014, Diane has incorporated coaching to help her clients find the internal shift necessary to achieve and maintain the desired lifestyle change. She participates in ongoing study of Chronic Disorganization, Hoarding Disorder and ADHD through The Institute for Challenging Disorganization (ICD) and the Coach Approach for Organizers Institute. Diane served on the NAPO Conference Scholarship Committee and is currently serving on the NAPO-NNJ board for a seventh year.

Diane has a Master of Science in Dance/Movement Therapy. Prior to becoming a Professional Organizer, she led psycho-therapeutic groups, using both movement and verbal techniques in mental health and substance abuse programs in NYC. 






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