3-3 From Solopreneur to Entrepreneur: Growing Your Business to More Than One

3-3: From Solopreneur to Entrepreneur: Growing Your Business to More Than One 

Jennifer Snyder, CPO
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This presentation will cover the unique challenges for Professional Organizers who want to expand their business. We will explore the challenges of everything from finding the right employees to the legal aspects of a growing business to how our own role changes in the process and how to extend our personal brand beyond ourselves.

Session Objectives:
- Identify when it is time to expand.
- Know what to look for in new employees.
- Identify the ways in which their business will change and be prepared for such changes. 
- Be prepared to manage a business while managing people. 
- Have a step-by-step process for growing a business past one person.


Jennifer Snyder, CPO

Jennifer Snyder is a Certified Professional Organizer and owner of Neat as a Pin® Organizing & Cleaning.  She is an author, educator, coach, and innovator.  

She has been organizing Central Texas for more than 10 years and recently expanded her business into residential cleaning.  While leading a current staff of 10 organizers and cleaners, Jennifer also facilitates accountability groups for businesswomen, coaches new business owners, is writing a book for new businesses called The Scariest Thing You Will Ever Do; and teaches organizing classes at Baylor University and the local community college.  

Jennifer has been cited as an expert in Real Simple magazine; Dr. Oz magazine, regularly appears on local TV shows and has been a guest on the Amy Tobin national radio show.  She continues to contribute to national media outlets and has recently started an online community called Things That Look Easy, which offers support while reducing clutter and getting organized.





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