2-2 How to Make Social Videos Without a Camera

2-2: How to Make Social Videos Without A Camera

Victoria Cook
Conquer the Fundamentals 


Video is fast becoming the preferred form of internet communication. Is not knowing how to create social videos, or what to say, holding you back? The good news is that there is an easy way to script and make great videos quickly, easily, and with zero budget without even being on camera! 

Session Objectives:
- How to make a quick video without being on camera.
- The top 5 videos every business needs to have.
- A live demo of the simplest desktop video software ever.
- Tips for creating engaging script copy.
- A basic script template to swipe and use now.
Participants will also have some time to draft a video script and explore a tool to make their own video.



Victoria Cook

A popular author, speaker and coach, Victoria Cook is an expert on guilt-free success. She is director of The Center for Guilt-Free Success, an official instructor for the DIY Marketing Center, and co-author of the book Plans to Prosper: Strategies, Systems & Tools for Small Business Marketing Success. Victoria is famous for her ability to demystify marketing. She makes often complicated marketing strategies easy to understand and put in place.  

With twenty years of corporate experience in corporate communications and strategic planning, Victoria brings big business expertise to the small business owner. As an entrepreneur, working Mom and wife, Victoria is familiar with the pressures of owning a small business.

You will find free business and marketing tools, articles, and information on her website CenterForGuiltFreeSuccess.com, including her guide on How to Double Your Business in 30 Guilt-Free Minutes a Day.

When not helping business owners attract great clients, she's a loving wife, guilt-free Mom, scrapbooker, cyclist and maker of wickedly good chocolate truffles.



Blog: https://www.centerforguiltfreesuccess.com/news/



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