1-5 Digital Filing - It's Not as Hard as You Think

1-5: Digital Filing - It's Not as Hard as You Think

Darla DeMorrow, CPO
Conference Concentration


Your clients need their digital files organized. Learn how to better organize your own digital files, focusing on Word/Pages, Excel/Numbers and Powerpoint/Keynote files. Optimize your computer resources, manage multiple drives and cloud services, and manage your clients' files remotely. Systematize your approach, so you can offer digital file organizing to your clients. Appropriate for Mac and PC users. Bring your Mac or PC to class. A mobile device will not be sufficient. 

Session Objectives:
- Provide hands-on instruction for PO's to organize digital files for clients, both in person and using remote tools. 
- Identify clients who are/not a good fit. 
- Add revenue streams beyond traditional closets and kitchens. 
- Inspire confidence for many PO's who already have these skills but have not thought to monetize them. 


Darla DeMorrow, CPO

Darla DeMorrow is a member of NAPO, the NAPO Tech SIG co-leader, a Certified Professional Organizer, certified personal photo organizer with APPO, international speaker, award-winning blogger, and owner of the award-winning HeartWork Organizing, LLC, based in Wayne, PA. Darla has an MBA and over 25 years of management experience. She believes elegantly organized digital files can be as satisfying as beautifully organized closets. 




Blog: https://heartworkorg.com/blog/



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