1-4 Moving On Up: Grow and Add Value with Moving Services

1-4: Moving On Up: Grow and Add Value with Moving Services

Gayle Goddard, CPO & Ann Zanon, CPO
Cultivate Your Craft


Don’t panic when a client calls asking for help with their move!  Be prepared with questions to determine if this project is a good fit for you. You’ll learn the different ways you can support a client move. We'll talk about potential move pitfalls and ways to adapt. You’ll come away with checklists to support a move, including supplies, added-value services, and move tips. You’ll leave ready to showcase your move expertise to clients!

Session Objectives:
- Learn about the different ways they can participate in a client move, get suggestions so they can create their own menu of services, confidently discuss a move with a prospective client, and assess potential services to offer them.
- Discuss potential problems that might happen on a move and various ways to address those problems.
- Leave with checklists to support a moving project, such as move supplies, added-value services, and tip sheets for clients. 

We will engage the audience by presenting an informative lecture, with compelling case studies and leaving time for questions and answers following the presentation.

Moving and Relocation encompasses so many aspects of residential organizing, it’s a perfect way to demonstrate a vast array of potential organizing services to a newer organizer. 



Gayle Goddard, CPO

Organizing was a mid-life career change for me and the best thing to happen to my work ever! I spent 25 years as a CPA and after that much time on a computer, I'd had it! Now I understand what people mean by "Do what you love and you'll never work a day in your life!" Organizing is what I'm meant to do and I love doing it. 
I speak often, run a monthly Meetup Group, and post lots of videos on YouTube, all about organizing. I'm happy to offer tips and tricks in pursuit of someone getting a grip on their surroundings. My clients are wonderful people who trust me to help them along that path, and it's always a great partnership. Over the past 12 years, I’ve worked on a lot of client moves and I’ve learned plenty about making a move run smoothly. 
I work in the Greater Houston area, and am a member of our local NAPO Houston chapter. I became a CPO in 2011. I have a roomie and 4 cats at home, and spend my off time beading with a posse of beady chicks who are serious artists with a needle, thread and beads.




Blog: https://www.clutterfairyhouston.com/blog/

Ann Zanon, CPO

For Career Day in 8th grade I told my teacher that I wanted to observe my mom. I wanted to be a mentor for young moms so that everyone could have a mom like mine. I wanted to make a difference for families. The teacher agreed that it would be a perfect job for me, but it was not a career day option. 

After earning my degree, I met and married my husband. Together, we raised three rambunctious kids. “Everything has a place, and everything should be in its place” wasn’t just a phrase in our home, it was our mantra.

Following my career as a stay-at-home mom and then as a specialty cake bakery owner, the transition to Professional Organizer was like returning to my roots. I started my organizing business in 2011 and earned my CPO status in 2014. My specialty is helping people in crisis or transition with custom solutions. I’ve done lots of client moves, including one involving three 18-wheeled trucks for just one couple! In 2018, I directed our move from Connecticut to Texas while simultaneously planning and orchestrating my parent’s 60th Anniversary Party. I have reestablished my business in Houston.




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