1-5: Wait, The Session is Today?! Time from the ADHD Perspective
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1-5: Wait, The Session is Today?! Time from the ADHD Perspective

Shelly Collins
Challenging Needs

“ADHD is, to summarize it in a single phrase, time blindness.” – Dr. Russell Barkley 

At the ICD Conference in 2014, Dr. Barkley’s words struck me… I have ADHD! This revelation lead me to shift my career from organizing to coaching other adults with ADHD. These clients share the same struggles with time that I’ve experienced all my life, and they describe their struggles with unique and insightful words, phrases and metaphors. Using their stories and mine, we will talk about what time feels like inside of the head of a person with ADHD. 

In this session participants will learn… 
1. What time blindness looks like from inside the head of a person with ADHD and how it affects the ability of an ADHD client to use traditional time management strategies. 
2. How those of us with ADHD uniquely “feel” time rather than experiencing time in a linear fashion, which can lead to challenges with procrastination, lateness, missed deadlines, and hyperfocus. 
3. Why managing tasks and projects that are not on an urgent NOW deadline can seem mysterious for those of us with ADHD. 
4. Language, metaphors, models, and tools related to time that work for clients with ADHD. 

This presentation will use client case studies, as well as my own experiences as an adult with ADHD, to provide unique insights into the ADHD person’s relationship with time. Visuals will be used to demonstrate metaphors that clients have used to describe their own experiences, and to show models that work for adults with ADHD. 
This presentation will benefit organizing and productivity professionals who work with clients with ADHD by giving them insight into the ADHD person’s experience with time, as well as giving them insightful language, metaphors, models, and tools to use with those clients when discussing time management challenges. 



Shelly Collins

Shelly Collins has been organizing individuals, work teams, and businesses since 2011. After receiving an adult ADHD diagnosis in 2015 she shifted her focus to understanding her own ADHD and reforming a business that allowed her to express this side of herself while helping others with similar struggles. Today, she specializes in coaching adults with ADHD and other productivity challenges to create lasting change.




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