1-2 Get Noticed: Using Graphics to Set You Apart from the Competition
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1-2: Get Noticed: Using Graphics to Set Your Apart from the Competition 

Tenna Rasmussen

In a cluttered online marketplace, it's important to stand out. You and your business will shine brightly using graphics that you can create yourself! DIY graphics can seem intimidating but they don’t have to be. Using the Canva design program, you will learn the basics of design, tips to streamline the process, how to avoid copyright issues and walk away ready to wow your dream client with beautiful, customized graphics. 

1. To understand the importance of creative, polished, cohesive graphics in your business 
2.  To be productive and efficient with content calendars and graphic batching 
3.  To learn how to measure success using metrics 
4.  To feel confident about using Canva to design your first graphics



Tenna Rasmussen

Tenna Rasmussen is a serial entrepreneur who has owned small businesses since 2010. She started her professional organizing business, Organized to a T because she always had a desire to make people's lives easier. The same goes for her social media styling business, Easy Breezy Creative, which she started to help empower her fellow organizing and productivity professionals to harness the power of visuals for their own businesses. Using knowledge from a previous life spent working on advertising campaigns for political candidates and movies, she loves working with clients to make sure they shine brightly in a crowded online marketplace. When she isn't creating graphics, educating her clients about the newest social media trend or working with her virtual organizing clients, Tenna is a die-hard Steelers fan, a lover of rescue dogs and an explorer of the beautiful Carolinas! 




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