1-1 The Boring Stuff: A Framework for Success and Profitability
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1-1:The Boring Stuff: A Framework for Success and Profitability

Liz Jenkins
Business Productivity

The Boring Stuff session will demonstrate how to use documentation and tracking systems to craft a business that is scalable, sustainable and profitable - with specific tools and examples. If you have an organizing company that seems to be stuck and you are working as hard as you can, this session will give you concrete solutions to create a framework in which you can set up your systems for success.

Session Objectives: 
- Understand the need for documentation & tracking system - the ‘why’
- Analyze a process or project to create templates and system frameworks that support their specific company needs - the ‘how’
- Walk away with specific tools and examples of effective documenting and tracking for organizing professionals - the ‘what’


Liz Jenkins 

Liz Jenkins, CPO is a 13 year veteran in the organizing & productivity industry. A Fresh Space LLC is based in Franklin, TN and specializes in residential organizing and move management. She has 11 employees and 2 locations but clearly remembers being a solopreneur just starting out. She is passionate helping other organizers and small business owners create systems and procedures that allow them to have a business that truly works for them and allows them to sleep at night and, you know, have a life. 

Liz loves to read, cook (recent success: tamales! recent fail: pie crust!) , travel, and hang out with her family which also includes a chocolate lab, 3 cats and 6 chickens. She has been married for 25+ years and has a 17 year old daughter. She will rarely turn down a glass of wine or a french fry. 




Blog: https://afreshspace.com/organizing-tips-blog/



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