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3-3: In Five Minutes or Less, Would Your Clients Be Ready for Anything?
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3-3: In Five Minutes or Less, Would Your Clients Be Ready for Anything?                         

Laurie Teal

Do you - and your clients - have at your fingertips all the medical, financial, and personal information needed should anything happen to you or your loved ones? If your client’s child was involved in an accident, would they know whom to call to notify employers, medical insurance companies, school authorities, or other family members of this emergency? Does you know your spouse or partner’s detailed health history and current list of medications to share with the medical staff? If your client was hospitalized for an extended period of time, would your client’s partner know how to pay the bills, to keep the household running, to make sure the children get to school and outside activities? Dire scenarios, yes. But unfortunately these situations happen all the time. Perhaps you and your family have experienced such an event. If so, think back to that time. What could you have done to lessen the stress and pressure of that emergency? What information or documents did you need? Did you have quick access to these documents? Join me in discussing a step-by-step system I have designed to help you – and help your clients - develop, revise, and put into one place all the most important documents of your lives. 

Session Objectives:
1. Deepen and expand your client relationships. The personal information contained in the folder will need to be updated at least annually, providing organizers additional time in front of clients.
2.  Identify important planning and other documents your clients need or need to update.
3.  Provide your clients peace of mind by having all their most important documents ready, updated, and ready for any emergency.

Laurie Teal

Laurie Teal has enjoyed a 20+ year career in successful working relationships with clients, assisting them with home/office/financial organization and project management. As a wife and mother, she has also deftly managed her family’s financial and organization needs. Through her book Nine Nights, Laurie shares this experience and knowledge to encourage everyone to actively participate in and organize their financial lives. Laurie is also passionate about the need to increase the level of financial literacy in the United States, from young children to people many years into retirement. She feels it is never too soon, or too late, to begin or continue the process of gaining a solid level of understanding financial terminology and strategies. Nine Nights offers a simple, yet creative, strategy, in a series of nine date nights, to help partners confidently step into the role of Co-CFOs of their family’s finances. Nine Nights offers action steps to take before an emergency, before a death in the family, and before further delaying the necessary work to become financially prepared.



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