NAPO Statistics Database

The NAPO Statistics Database is a resource tool for collecting and accessing industry information on topics of importance to NAPO members, colleagues and the general public. This includes information related to research, trends, products, activities, and challenges that impact the organizing and productivity industry.

The database contains information divided into three distinct categories:

  1. Statistic or Finding

  2. Fact

  3. Quotation

For definitions and examples of these "Types of Submissions," please refer to the Submission Form FAQ.

NAPO strives to maintain a database that is comprehensive, relevant, accurate and timely. Our goal is to be the primary source for information about professional organizing and productivity.


Search the NAPO Statistics Database

For helpful tips on how to search the database, Refer to the Helpful Tips for Searching.

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We Need You to Submit a Statistic, Fact or Quote

The NAPO Statistics Database is a dynamic, evolving tool designed to be responsive to developments and users in the fields of professional organizing and productivity consulting. Valid, relevant submissions and constructive input from users is essential to maintaining a robust, accurate and relevant database. Therefore, we encourage users to submit statistics/findings, facts and quotations regularly using the Submission Form

Submission Form FAQ


NAPO encourages proper citation of information used from the NAPO Statistics Database. While there are many standards of reference or citation available, we recommend the APA (American Psychological Association) method as appropriate for the purposes of our audience. The specific details requested and stored in the Database is purposeful and intended to follow the APA Citation Guidelines. The following web links provide more information:

Long Island University, APA Citation Style
American Psychological Association, APA Style FAQ
Purdue University Online Writing Lab

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Disclaimer: Users of the NAPO Statistics Database are responsible for independently verifying any information resulting from searches or submissions. The inclusion of links from this site does not imply endorsement or support of any of the linked information, services, products, or providers.

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