CPO® Recertification

Recertification Eligibility 

After initial certification, recertification is required every three yearsCheck the Recertification Calendar to determine your recertification year. Recertification notices are sent 60 days, 30 days, and 7 days prior to the recertification date.


CPOs must be current on their AMF payments to be eligible for recertification. 



Recertification Options

CPOs may re-certify by completing one of the following options prior to the recertification date.


Option 1: Recertify by CEUs

       Submit 45 or more eligible Continuing Education Units (CEUs) 

       Submit an application for recertification by CEUs

Option 2: Recertify by Exam

       Submit an application for recertification by exam

       Retake and pass the examination

If CPOs choose to re-certify by examination and fail, their credential will expire at the end of the then-current term. In addition, they may no longer use the CPO® designation. Upon receiving a failing score, CPOs will not be eligible to re-take the examination for recertification.


If CPOs choose to re-certify by CEUs and fail to submit 45 eligible CEUs, their credential will expire at the end of their current term. In addition, they may no longer use the CPO designation.


A CPO who fails to re-certify, either by exam or CEUs, but meets the current eligible certification but meets the current eligibility requirements for initial certification (including earning 1,500 work hours in the five years prior to sitting for the exam) would be eligible to submit an application to take the current examination as a new candidate.




Recertification Audits

BCPO® is required to audit a certain percentage of qualified candidates for recertification. Candidates are randomly selected for audit. In the event of an audit, candidates must be prepared to provide documentation to support their eligibility for recertification.  


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