CPO® Exam Preparation

CPO® Exam Measures Two Things

  1. Knowledge of Subject Matter: This reflects one's preparation and experience in the field of organizing and productivity. One can improve in this area through experience and study. 
  2.  Ability to Take an Examination: This reflects one's ability to recognize related information or solutions to problem situations. In addition, it can reflect one's experience with standardized multiple choice questions and even one's self-confidence. 

For suggested Resources and Exam Tips please reference page 21 of BCPO® Handbook


CPO® Exam Content Outline

The CPO® examination is based upon a conducted Job Task Analysis, which defines the necessary competencies for the successful practice of organizing. The six major domains of the examination are:

  • Preliminary Communication (e.g., qualifying interview) 10%
  • Preliminary Assessment 25%
  • Project Plan Development 20%
  • Project Implementation 30%
  • Follow Up and Maintenance 8%
  • Legal and Ethical Responsibilities 7%

A complete description of each section can be found in the BCPO® Handbook

Sample Computer-Based Training
This is not a sample of the CPO exam. If you are looking for prep material for the exam, NAPO offers an exam prep course. Taking the prep course does not guarantee you will pass the exam.


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