Specialist Certificates

Specialist Certificates

Developed by NAPO, Specialist Certificates offer the opportunity to set yourself apart and develop a deeper understanding of the tools and skills necessary to be a successful professional in the world of productivity and organizing. 


Specialist Certificates do not expire and do not require Continuing Education Units (CEUs) for renewal.


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NAPO Digital Badges

NAPO issues digital badges to Specialist Certificate holders and CPOs to make it easier for you to provide validation of earned certificates and credentials to your clients and colleagues. A digital badge is a validated indicator of accomplishment, skill, quality, or interest that can be earned in many learning environments.* 

In order to make your clients aware of your specialized education and/or CPO status, these digital badges can be shared via digital media platforms, as part of your email signature, or on your website. When someone clicks on the badge image, the link will bring them to your personal validation page on the NAPO Digital Badging website which provides official confirmation of your certificate status.

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In order to earn a NAPO Specialist Certificate, you must be a NAPO Professional Member in good standing and complete a minimum of eight classes (two core classes, two client interaction classes, and four practical skills classes) within a 2-year window.


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IMPORTANT NOTE: The Specialist Certificate Program is distinct from the BCPO® certification program. Specialist Certificates do not expire and do not require CEUs (Continuing Education Units) to maintain your status. By completing the Specialist Certificate courses you hold a certificate but you are not “certified” and may not describe yourself as being certified. For more information on earning your CPO credential, click here.





Brain-Based Conditions

Develop foundational knowledge for working with clients experiencing symptoms or having diagnoses of Brain-Based Conditions. Brain-Based Conditions (BBC) are defined as anything that causes a person to have ongoing difficulty or challenging differences with cognition, emotion, socialization, or behavior. 

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Team Productivity           

Designed with Productivity Consultants in mind, these courses will build your expertise in working with clients who strive to boost their individual productivity and successfully contribute to goal achievement for their whole team.

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Household Management

Help your clients with a holistic approach to facing the challenges of managing a household effectively and build a structure around the activities and information encountered in the residential setting. Courses cover topics such as creating a household information system, financial organizing, time management, and solutions for overwhelmed families.

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Residential Organizing

Help your clients tackle the clutter, develop your client and business skills, and increase your marketability, as you dive deeper into common themes encountered in residential organizing. Courses cover topics such as smart space design, creating home inventories, tools of the trade, and paper management systems.

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Life Transitions

Help your clients face the challenges of inevitable life transitions, whether at home or at work, and teach them the skills necessary to cope with adjusting to a new way of being as they let go of the familiar. Courses cover topics such as graduating into adulthood, dealing with death, organizing seniors, and managing relocations.

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Workplace Productivity

Help your micro- and small business clients develop effective systems and solutions to boost their efficiency, productivity, and resource management. Courses cover topics such as going paperless, productivity assessments, time management systems, and organizing electronic documents and records.

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Purchase a Bundle & Save

The E-Learning Advantage Bundle includes access to the courses required for all the Specialist Certificates, all On-Demand Classes, Annual Conference Recordings and more! Learn More

Each Specialist Certificate Course Collection may be purchased individually and includes the required courses, plus all courses listed on the tracking worksheet, to earn your Specialist Certificate.

Earning Specialist Certificates & purchasing education bundles are only available to NAPO members.

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