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5-4 Managing Difficult Clients with Clear Boundaries

5-4: Managing Difficult Clients with Clear Boundaries

Lauren Mang


Mind & Behavior


Whether you're new to the organizing profession or a seasoned veteran, we all run into difficult clients and agonize over dealing with them in a kind but firm manner. Identifying, setting, and maintaining clear boundaries is key.

In this session, we'll examine several case studies and attendees will participate on how they would handle the situation. I'll reveal how I handled each situation, highlighting what to do, what not to do, and how to implement those clear boundaries.

Session Objectives:

- Identify, set, and maintain clear boundaries for all clients.
- Learn to recognize difficult clients in advance through case studies, so you see the red flags early on, and can determine how to handle the situation.
- What to do once you've begun working with a client and you now realize it's no longer a good fit (i.e. how to exit gracefully and kindly).
- Walk away feeling more confident in your ability to handle any client relationship and enforce your boundaries.


Lauren Mang           


Lauren is passionate about people and was born to help others get organized. After a decade in the Fine Arts industry, living in New York, London, and Los Angeles, she relocated to San Francisco and started Let Me Organize It, LLC in June 2014. As a compassionate, kind, and mindful organizer with a focus on holistic organization, Lauren helps clients discover the FUN in the fundamentals of organizing. Lauren has spent 5 years volunteering for NAPO at both the National and Chapter levels in various positions, and is very active on POINT.

In addition to an active public speaking schedule, Lauren is currently writing a kids book series on getting organized. When she's not working -- who are we kidding, she's always working -- she can be found napping with her cat-like beagle, Abby or distracting herself with Instagram.



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