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Please note: Our current plan is to proceed with an in-person Annual Conference; however, should external circumstances change, we intend to pivot and provide the NAPO Conference experience in some format.


Call for Presentations

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Conference Tracks

Education Levels 

Call for Presentations Submission Information

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Submission Rules & Instructions to Submit


The conference committee is seeking session proposals on a wide range of topics, presentation formats, and education levels. Below is a list of five education tracks, along with suggested topics for each. Formats may include (but are not limited to): lectures, panels, round table discussions, experiential learning, and app demonstrations. Education levels will mirror those in NAPO University: Beginner (0-2 years of experience), Intermediate (3-5 years), and Advanced (5+ years).

Conference Tracks

Organizing & Productivity

Learn new techniques for improving organizing and productivity sessions with your clients. Deepen your existing skills or discover a new potential service offering. The conference committee seeks submissions from experts focusing on the following topics:
  • Corporate/business filing & records management
  • Design/space planning
  • Downsizing/tiny home living
  • Eco-organizing for businesses
  • Estate clear-outs
  • Moving
  • Practicing Lean Methods for daily productivity
  • Productivity (higher learning, new systems trending)
  • Student organizing
  • Wardrobe styling & creating capsule wardrobes


Business Operations
Learn innovative solutions for running a safe, successful and efficient business. Determine new directions for focused growth and strengthen your professional standards within our industry. The conference committee seeks submissions from experts focusing on the following topics: 
  • Creating essential P&P's (proposals, estimates, contracts & negotiations)
  • Creating products
  • Implementing HR (hiring/reviews/training) 
  • Protecting your business (Identity theft)
  • Strategic initiatives and planning for your business
  • Transitioning your business model


Marketing Connections
Learn marketing and networking skills to expand your reach and make new connections outside your existing circles. Increase your ability to grow client, business and colleague relationships online and in-person. The conference committee seeks submissions from experts focusing on the following topics:

  • Creating webinars and/or video content
  • Hosting virtual meetings
  • Media training
  • Mentoring 
  • Multiple income streams 
  • Networking and building relationships
  • Speaking
  • Strategic alliances/collaboration
  • Writing/blogging


Mind & Behavior
Learn the skills needed to work more effectively with special populations motivated by deeper brain-based techniques. Gain a solid foundation for helping a new client base or master higher-level skills for your current clientele. The conference committee seeks submissions from experts focusing on the following topics:

  • ADHD
  • Generational challenges
  • Hoarding
  • Holistic techniques for work/life balance 
  • Mindfulness 
  • OCD
  • Procrastination

Technology Pro
Learn advanced and experiential technology-based organizing and productivity skills relevant to our industry. These sessions will be taught on multiple platforms to give attendees hands-on knowledge that can be put to work immediately with the clients they serve. Bonus: by attending 4 of the 6 sessions in this track, attendees will earn a special in-person achievement available only at conference. The conference committee seeks submissions from experts focusing on the following topics:

  • App-specific learning
  • CRMs (Customer Relationship Management)
  • Cloud based technology
  • Cybersecurity
  • Google analytics & SEO
  • G Suite tools
  • Photo styling & Instagram
  • Smart home efficiency
  • Using a DIY website platform (i.e. Wix, Squarespace, etc.) 


Education Levels

The education levels below are used to indicate to the attendees whether or not they need experience in the topic before attending. It's important that sessions are properly categorized so attendees can select accordingly.


  • For individuals with very limited or no prior knowledge of the subject area.
  • For individuals that are exploring the industry, are brand new to the field, or are in the very early stages of starting an Organizing or Productivity business.
  • For individuals seeking to learn very basic fundamentals about a subject area.


  • For individuals with existing foundational knowledge and a few years of hands-on experience.
  • For individuals interested in growing their existing organizing or productivity business and client base.
  • For individuals seeking to dive deeper and strengthen foundational knowledge and skills.


  • For individuals with greatly developed knowledge who are seeking to heighten their knowledge and move ahead in the subject area.
  • For individuals seeking information to aid in the growth or progress of knowledge.
  • For individuals seeking the most up-to-date knowledge in the subject area.
  • For individuals who could be deemed an expert in the field.


  • Helps both veterans and new organizers learn about the subject area.
  • For individuals seeking to learn the fundamentals about a subject area.
  • For individuals interested in expanding their general knowledge about Professional Organizing and Productivity Consulting.


Call for Presentations Submission Information

Important: Please ensure all required fields of your submission are complete for the committee to review. Incomplete submissions will not be accepted.     

Title: Provide the title of your proposed session. The title cannot be longer than 12 words.

Tracks: Choose the Conference Track and Education Level that applies to your session

Presenter Information: Provide your contact information, if not already populated. If there is more than one presenter, click on the “Add Presenter” button to add additional information. Provide your bio (word limit is 200 words). If you need additional space for multiple speaker bios, you will be able to upload a word document on the next screen.


Submit a brief description: Describe your session in 75 words or less. If your submission is accepted, this description will be used in conference promotional materials. It is very important the description accurately describes what attendees can expect to learn/gain by attending. Please note that we do not review your submission for proper spelling and grammar; be sure and make all edits before submitting.

Session Objectives:  List a minimum of three (3) and a maximum of five (5) learning outcomes for this presentation (i.e., after attending this session, participants should be able to...). This content will be used for all conference related material should your session be chosen. Please be sure to write them clearly and check for proper spelling and grammar. During your presentation these objectives should be met 100% so that attendees receive the information they came to the session for.       

Audience Engagement: How will you engage the audience? Lecture, small or large group discussions, case studies, interactive presentation, mind maps, info-graphics, out of classroom experience, hands on education, etc. How will your submission be relevant to the organizing and productivity profession?  

Create a video about your session 

You will need to create a short video about your presentation. This is required as part of your submission. The video is highly influential in committee selection as it provides a true feel of how you present yourself. If your proposal is accepted this will be used to market your presentation on our official conference page. Your video must be created specifically for your presentation – videos submitted from previous engagements or highlight reels cannot be accepted as we cannot use them on the conference website.       

Video submission requirements

  1. No longer than two (2) minutes
  2. Include 3-5 session learning objectives
  3. Your video should contain the phrase NAPO2021 along with the title of your session at the beginning.
  4. Your video title and description should be the same as your session description
  5. Once you have completed your video, upload it to your YouTube channel and mark it as "Unlisted". If you're not familiar with how to change the settings on your video, watch this short tutorial:

Additional tips for YouTube Videos

- Co-Speakers who live in different cities have submitted successful videos with one speaker live and one on Skype     
- Panels: the entire panel does not need to appear; 1 or 2 people is sufficient (Please note you will still need to provide information for all panelists in the speaker information section and should list them all in the video description.)

Below are links to sample videos from our past presenters at NAPO. These are a great representation of what we are looking for.            
- – Panel     
- – Two speakers     
- – One speaker  

Upload a professional headshot photo.   

Upload a word document with any additional presenter bios. 

List up to 5 (five) of your most relevant speaking engagements and references.

Presentation Application Questions 

1. Who is your ideal attendee: The primary conference objective is to provide attendees with subject matter that will inspire, energize and encourage growth.  For this purpose, we ask that you define who would be your ideal attendee. For example: My ideal audience member would be someone working in the field part-time for a few years who wants to know how to step up to full time work and how an advanced marketing strategy can help them reach this goal.  
2. Select the number of years you have been a NAPO member. 
3. Select the number of years you have been in the organizing and productivity industry. 
4. If you are not in the organizing and productivity industry, what industry do you represent?
5. Are you a member of any of the following NAPO affiliate organizations?
6. Are you a member of the National Speakers Association? 
7. Please list the total number of times you have attended the NAPO Annual Conference.
8. Have you spoken at a previous NAPO Conference, NAPO Regional Conference or other industry conference? If Yes, please briefly state when, where and your topic.
9. What additional resources related to you and your topic should attendees know about (books, articles, web links, etc.)? If you include web links, be sure to test them before submitting your proposal.
10. Social Media URLs (Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Blog, Website)

AV Requirements
Indicate any known AV requirements.  

Review your submission.  
When you are satisfied with your proposal, click submit. Proposals cannot be edited once they are submitted.  


Access Submission Portal and Submit Your Proposal

To submit a presentation proposal: 

  • Follow the link below to the portal at the bottom of the page. 
  • The link will bring you to the NAPO2021 Call for Presentations Portal. Click on the “Create a New Account” button on the right-hand side. 
  • Enter your email and address and password, 
  • Provide your contact information when prompted. Once you submit your contact information, the portal will activate. 
  • Click on the “Call for Presentations Submission” tab and begin your proposal. The questions you will be asked are listed above. Follow the instructions on screen for the process. You will be able to save a draft of your proposal. Once you are satisfied with your submission, click submit.
  • Upon submission, you will receive a confirmation email with the details of your presentation. All submissions will then be sent to the NAPO Conference Committee for review.

Submission Rules

  • All submissions must be entered through the submission site. NAPO will not accept submissions in any other format (paper, fax, email, etc.).
  • In order to be considered, submissions are due in their entirety by June 24, 2020, at 11:59 PM PST. Submission components (videos, descriptions, objectives, etc.) that are sent to NAPO HQ after the submission site closes will not be sent to the Conference Program Committee.
  • There is a two (2) submission limit per speaker. This includes speakers who are participating in panel discussions and those who are not the primary presenter.
  • Content must be original and proprietary to the person(s) submitting the proposal.


   Access to Submission Portal is currently closed     

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