The Dark Horse Project


Dark Horse Project


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Project Dates

This project began in May of 2017 and plans to publish a book in September of 2018.  The project is ongoing.

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Research Partner

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Project Lead

Ogi Ogas, PhD. is the Project Head and Co-Investigator of Dark Horse Project at Harvard Graduate School of Education. He received his PhD in computational neuroscience from Boston University and has conducted research on mathematical models of learning, memory, and vision, as well as biodefense research at MIT Lincoln Laboratory. Ogi was also a Department of Homeland Security Fellow.  


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The Dark Horse Project is studying how men and women develop superior expertise in vocations that are often ignored by scientists and is interested in learning how top organizing and productivity professionals were drawn to their field and how they developed their skills. The study interviewed organizing and productivity professionals considered by their peers to be masters of their craft, with the intent of publicly celebrating their achievements in the study.

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Research Methodology

Conducted Interviews with highly respected organizing and productivity professionals.

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