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My Contributions to Informational Media

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"Marie Kondo reconsidered: Not everyone feels the 'magic' of tidying up." was on the front page of section H, NW Arts & Life, of the Sunday, August 9, 2015 Seattle Times.


23 Family-Friendly Mudroom Storage Ideas”,


12 Ways to Ensure the Holidays Don’t Leave You With Clutter in the New Year”,


"C'Mon, You Know You're Wasting Time on Facebook", Everyday Power Blog  And where did I post this first...


5 Time Management Skills to Go from Busy to Productive”, Everyday Power Blog


Ms. Kirby Lindsay Laney, Publisher (Extraordinaire!) of the online Fremont Seattle news site The Fremocentrist sat down with me for a delightful interview early May 2016. This is the result:
"Williams Offers Suggestions for Successful Spring Cleaning" in her Commentary.


11 Smart Things Pro Organizers Do Every Morning”,


"Declutter Your Home: Why Being Organized Saves You Money",


"16 Expert-Recommended Steps to Spring-Clean Your Kitchen",


7 Super Creative and Cheap Ways to Store Your Luggage, Suitcases, and Carry-On”,


"10 Ways to Cope with a Tiny Kitchen", Paste Magazine


How to Organize Your Messy Cords and Cable Wires at Home”,


"5 Ways to Maximize Closet Space",


How to Decide What to Keep or Toss After Graduation.”,


How to Organize Your Bathroom in 7 Easy Steps”,


"TV Room Ideas for Small Spaces",


Simple kitchen tweaks that will help you hate cooking less”,


"5 Decluttering Tips When Sending Your Child to College", SpareFoot


"6 Strategies for Organizing Your Dorm Room", SpareFoot


"RX for Organization: Declutter Your Medicine Cabinet", SpareFoot


"Showered with Baby Gifts? Here's How to Handle Your Bundle of Stuff", SpareFoot


"Tidy and Thrifty: How to Get Organized on the Cheap", SpareFoot


"Get Organized Month Profile", The Examiner


"What Professional Organizers Do & Why We Can All Use One", Thumbtack



"4 Tips for Decluttering as You Decorate for the Holidays", Vibrantnation


"Professional Tips for the Most Organized, Uncluttered, and Easy-to-Use Holiday Storage Ever", Vibrantnation

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