Lauren Williams: Public Presentation 2: Organizing Pep Rally
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Ever hear of an Organizing Party?

My "Organizing Pep Rally" is a great get-together with family or friends, your favorite social club, the monthly Home Owners Association gathering, your small-business networking night, or any other combination of colleagues, chums and blood-relations you might desire.

So, what is an Organizing Pep Rally? I come to your space and, for about one hour, collaborate with you to organize a small, well-defined area, for example the table where the mail lands.

But...  there's an audience.  Your guests are watching.  The guests are strictly your invitees.  There is alot of give-and-take, Q&A.  Add in as much purely-social time as you would like and the evening is terrific fun.

You and your circle will learn organizing techniques, gain access to various reliable and qualified contractors, and be offered specialized instructional materials I have compiled from numerous sources on an assortment of topics from "how-to-prepare for a disaster" to "where do I donate _____?".

"Lauren from Casual Uncluttering visited our women's group and gave a marvelous presentation on organizing our living and work spaces. She was friendly and engaging and we all felt we learned a lot from her. I highly recommend Lauren for organizing--she is easy to get along with and really knows her stuff." Meryl A.

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