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5-3: Behind the Scenes of the Successful Organized Family
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5-3: Behind the Scenes of the Successful Organized Family: Teaching Clients to be "The CEO of their Household"

Deborah Kawashima
Esther Simon

This is a 90 minute session on family organizing and productivity for the entire family; from infants and toddlers, to kids and teens, to spouses and their partners. During this two hour presentation you will learn the in and outs of how to help your client run a household by becoming the CEO of their home without getting stressed out.

With each of the Five Objectives we will cover three points: 
Definition of categorizes for each objective
Strategies & Systems for each of these categories
Examples of Cases Studies as we go along

The Five Objectives you will learn in this class are:
1. How to set-up clients to become The CEO of their Household:
Helping your clients become in-control of their home by:
Understanding the family dynamics of organizing shared spaces: (the multi-purpose of each room for each family member)
Creating organizing systems for family member’s different organizing styles: (understanding the need for SEE-IT or HIDE-IT organizing styles)
Understanding the responsibilities of running a Household: (the knowledge of what it takes to run a household that is more essential than just having a lack of time or help)
Setting Up a Daily Schedule for All Activities for you and the Kids
Meal Planning: Shopping, Prepping, Inventory, Cooking, Weekly Menu, Kids lunches, Stocked Pantry/Freezer for Ready-to-Eat Meals) 
Managing Cleaning the House and Laundry 
Managing the Paper Flow (Active Papers and Filed Papers) 
Setting Up the Systems and Routines for the Kids (Morning, Homework, After-School Activities and Bedtime)
Delegating Certain Tasks to Others (Hired Help or Family Members)
Maintaining and Keeping Up the Systems (for a clutter free home)

2. How to teach clients to Role-model Organizing Habits: 
Understand how Habits Work and How to Change Them: From Old Habits to New Habits: Cue – Action/Task – Reward and  Small Wins
Creating Daily Routines for the kids to learn responsibility and life skills:
Morning Routine: Getting Out the Door
Homework Routines: Setting up their Space and Time
Bedtime Routine: Getting Ready for Bed
Creating Responsibilities: Daily Chores and a Rewards System
Creating Organizing Systems for Toys & Clean-Up

3.How to create a Family Communication System: (that helps your clients avoid the typical family miscommunication that usually occurs)
Set-up Rules of the House (define what is acceptable behavior and obligations for each family member)
Establish Weekly Family Meetings (a time to share their schedules, calendars and other important information)
Schedule - as needed - Family Conferences (to allow a space to discuss and communicate family issues and concerns)
Favorite Apps (apps families can share to help with communication) 

4.How to coach clients in Time Management and Productivity: 
Teaching them how to decide & choose Daily Priorities for managing their household and becoming proactive:
Set-Up Priorities with a Focus-of-the-Day or Focus-of-the-Week
Create Daily Wins: (Top 3 Tasks to get done that would make their day great)
Write Out a Daily Agenda (includes the tasks/routines they are doing for the day)
Establish Weekly Routines for Household Tasks (laundry, meal planning, grocery shopping etc.)
Time-Line for Family Projects (travel, holidays, special events and life’s transitions)
Scheduling Me-Time and Date-Night (the importance of blocking out personal time for themselves on a daily/weekly basis) 

5.How to set up Emergency Guidelines and Information for ‘Life Happens’:
When things don’t go as planned with your clients and their family:
Create a Personalized Family Yellow Pages Binder: (contacts and basic family member’s information for babysitters etc. as well as a list of who to call in case of an emergency)
Set-Up a Portable “Grab ‘n Go” Vital Documents (a file box for family papers includes wills, trusts, passports, birth certificates, house deeds, insurance, list of financial accounts etc.)
Set-Up a Guideline for Emergency Instructions 
Have an Emergency Kit and Petty Cash



Deborah Kawashima

As a mom and certified professional organizer, Deborah Kawashima, CPO of Creative Organizer provides hands-on organizing for families, specializing in working with kids and students. Her creative background as a Children’s wear designer adds a fresh point of view to being an organizing consultant. Growing up, Deborah’s parents owned Montessori schools and this natural sense of order influences her approach to organizing, especially when working with kids & teens. Deborah has also taught time management & organizational courses at UCLA extension’s Pathway (a program for college-age students with developmental challenges) from 2009 – 2013. An active member of NAPO, she co-founded and was national committee chair (2005-2010) for NAPO in the Schools, received the 2006 Volunteer of the Year Award at the first annual Los Angeles Organizing Awards, and in 2007 received the NAPO Innovator Award for her work on NAPO in the Schools. In 2011 she served on the LA Organizing Awards Committee as the Graphic Design Coordinator, creating the award’s new logo and program. Deborah is also a member of NAPO Virtual Chapter and is currently the Educational Chair for the POLA Committee. Deborah lives in Studio City with her husband and two sons who are in college. 




Esther Simon

Esther Simon, MSW has been a NAPO member since 1998 and a Golden Circle member since 2003. During her 20 years as a professional organizer she has been organizing   family homes and teaching time management to individuals through her many classes in the larger Los Angeles area. Her expertise has been based on her personal experience raising seven children and supervising her 17 grandchildren.  Having extensive knowledge in social work and interpersonal relationships, crisis intervention and counseling she has combined her talents with her outstanding representation as a home organizer.  Her own immaculate home is proof of her worth.  A regular work schedule includes hands on organizing helping her clients run a productive efficient home, deal with children’s clutter and emphasizes the important of role modeling to teach our family organizing skills.  She has helped with major moves, and unpacking along with daily time management systems. Her belief is that the more organized your home is the more productive and stress free your home and personal life will also be.  She continues to give lectures and workshops on all aspects of the home, including kitchens, housework, raising babies/children and time management.  She has presented at NAPO LA and the virtual tele-classes.  She has been in several magazines and on the radio.  



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