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Yogic Tools for Organizers´ Needs
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Yogic Tools for Organizers´ Needs                                                                                              

Sara Valverde

Yogic Tools for Organizers´ Needs is an interactive yoga practice. Attendees will be taught specific techniques of breathing, movement, and mental visualization that can be used before, during and after a client session as self-care. These yoga techniques help reduce the risk of injury, improve presence and confidence with clients, as well as incorporate stillness and calm into our work.

Session Objectives:
1. Participants will learn and practice how to stand, sit, and move during an organizing session with less unnecessary effort and build-up of muscular stiffness/tension - leading to less pain and potential injury.
2. Participants will establish how to mentally prepare before a session using visualization, and how to come to mental/emotional completion after a session, using mantra.
3. Participants will learn how to boost self-confidence in 60 seconds, using a Yoga asana shown to do this by recent research at Harvard Business School.
4. Participants will know how to turn on the parasympathetic nervous system (rest & digest mode) in any moment through a powerful yet subtle breath exercise.

The session´s participants can expect to be engaged through an active practice of the yoga techniques being taught. They will be guided to re-approach standing, sitting, and picking up a heavy item through the lens of Alexander Technique Based Yoga. The second half of the session will be with participants seated, practicing mind-body techniques of visualization and breathwork (pranayama). Taking notes is welcome.

Energy management and self-care is crucial for the busy professional organizer. There are many resources available for improving in these areas, but they don´t include energy management from the lens of yoga. Yogic Tools for Organizers´ Needs offers techniques directly impacting the use of the physical body - a powerful and needed solution to many professional organizers´ challenges with exhaustion, stress, and anxiety.



Sara Valverde

Sara Valverde has been a yoga practitioner for over a decade, and a Yoga Alliance certified teacher since June 2015. She joined Living-Peace Professional Organizing, based in Arlington MA, in September 2016. Sara specializes in Yoga for beginners, mostly working one one one with yoga students. She hosted her first workshop in May 2017 in Cambridge MA, where participants internally de-cluttered posture habits using yoga, as well as prepared to externally de-clutter an area at home using visualization techniques and writing out a personalized action plan with Sara’s guidance. She has continued her education since her initial certification, just completing a year-long intensive Mastermind for Committed Yoga Teachers with a Vision, and is now certified in Alexander Technique Based Yoga. This cutting edge yoga teaching style guides you to become self-aware of subconscious thought and movement patterns that don´t serve you, giving you a gateway to un-learn them. It’s internal de-cluttering, and supporting people in external de-cluttering as a professional organizer was the next natural step. Sara understands the supreme value basic yogic tools can bring to organizers and their clients, and is passionate about making this connection between two such booming and needed fields.


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