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On-Demand Classes
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NAPO On-demand Courses 

NAPO University's On-Demand courses enables students to purchase and watch or listen to the course at any time at your own pace. 


NAPO Professional Practice Courses 

OD-101 Fundamental Organizing & Productivity Principles

This six-hour course provides a solid foundation in basic organizing theory. Participants are introduced to core concepts behind categorizing, sorting, and the disposal of excess. 

OD-102 Fundamental Organizing & Productivity Skills

Designed for new and prospective organizing professionals, or organizers seeking a review of essential skills, this comprehensive course offers specific "how-to" skills for the hands on work organizers do. Gain confidence and knowledge by learning specific skills and practical language that organizing professionals use in their practices with residential and business clients. 

OD-103 Ethics for Professional Organizers & Prod Specialists

Participants of this class are introduced to the NAPO Code of Ethics and then challenged to apply each of the Code's concepts to real-world issues faced by professional organizers and productivity specialists. The class addresses purpose of the NAPO Code of Ethics, what constitutes ethical behavior. 



OD-001 Introducción a La Organización Profesional

Esta clase es la versión en español de nuestra clase PO-001. El curso está diseñado para el individuo interesado en aprender más acerca del campo de la organización. El curso define la profesión de organizar, introduciendo a los participantes a la historia de la industria de la organización y de NAPO, proporciona también una mirada de cómo trabaja un organizador profesional, y explica los beneficios de la membresía de NAPO.

OD-001E Introduction to Professional Organizing

This course is designed for the individual interested in learning more about the field of organizing. It defines the profession of organizing, introduces participants to the history of the organizing industry and of NAPO, presents an overview of how a professional organizer works, and explains the benefits of NAPO membership.

OD-104 Starting An Organizing Business

Designed for new and prospective professional organizers, or organizers who missed some of the basics, this all-inclusive NAPO on-demand class delivers a blueprint for launching and growing your business.

OD-105 Starting Out As a Residential Organizer

This course is for any organizer looking to improve upon the skills and knowledge needed to produce a successful residential organizing business. Concentrating only on residential requirements, by means of case studies and the latest research, students will learn the specific challenges of space, paper and time management in the home.

OD-201 Residential Needs Assessment

This course covers the "whys" and "how" of conducting a needs assessment, from initial client contact through the in-home consultation. A needs assessment is a systematic review of your client's current organizational situation and discussion of desired results. 

OD-301 Transference of Organizational Skills

This course will focus on how to assist clients to make behavioral change to support new systems, processes and habits to create organizational success. The professional organizer will understand the principles of change management and behavior modification and learn tactics and strategies to create successful change. 


NAPO 2015 Conference Sessions

Opening Keynote Address, "The Art of Letting Go"

What if everything we want isn't actually what we want? Best friends Joshua Fields Millburn and Ryan Nicodemus experienced exactly that: six-figure salaries, oversized houses, luxury cars, and all the trappings of success. They were living the American Dream, but something was wrong. All the things that were supposed to make them happy-all the trinkets, gadgets, and widgets-weren't doing their job. Instead of happiness, all those things weighed them down, filling their lives with debt, stress, and discontent. So they decided to let go of everything and found a more meaningful life on other side. Now, five years later, Joshua and Ryan, better known to their 3 million readers as The Minimalists, share their story about letting go, getting the physical, mental, and emotional clutter out of the way to focus on what's truly important.

Ask the (Business) Organizers Best Practices for Organizing

Learn from this exciting panel of successful, veteran business organizers how to start, and then keep, your own business humming. These panelists all get paid good money to improve the productivity within their clients businesses. Hear them share their heartfelt do's and don'ts with you, plus hard earned best practices for having a fulfilling and prosperous PO business. 

The Chronic-ness of Chronic Disorganization

Many professional organizers say that they do not work with chronically disorganized clients. A smaller percentage, however, would agree that most people who seek the services of a professional organizer share one or more characteristics of being chronically disorganized. 

Boost Your Brand and Business With Video Marketing

Have you thought about creating videos for your biz but have no idea where or how to get started? Think you'll be awful on-screen? In this session, you'll learn why video marketing can be your best tool and how easy it is to get going.

Build a Winning Team: Hiring and Training Employees

Finding people to help you with your business is one of the most challenging things you'll experience in your career. This session will provide you with clear guidelines and processes for hiring and training organizers and administrative staff.

Compulsive Buying: What Every Organizer Needs To Know

You'll learn what compulsive buying is, how to assess if a client is a compulsive buyer as well as how, when, and whether to intervene with an overshopping client. We'll talk about typical reactions that compulsive buyers evoke in us and general principles regarding intervention. 

DeCluttr: Industry Trends

Get a glimpse into the current state of the industry, including thoughts from your colleagues and the public, as we share highlights from the recent NAPO Member and Industry Surveys. Not only will we share interesting facts and statistics related to the organizing industry, we will also point you to related resources for assisting you and your clients to remove clutter and get organized.

Demystifying Health Insurance Claims & EOB's

Dealing with medical bills, health insurance claim forms, and EOBs can be a major challenge to professional organizers. By answering the five questions: Who? What? When? Where? and How? we can identify the claims process, what papers need to be kept, how they can be filed, for how long, what needs to be tracked, and by what method. Learn how to streamline the process and eliminate a lot of overwhelming paper clutter, not to mention worry.

Evernote: "Evernote for Work: Step By Step"

Evernote is the one workspace where you and your clients can write, collect, find, and present your work--from anywhere, on any device. But how can you get started? In this session we'll walk step-by-step through several key workflows, including creating a paper-smart office, keeping track of the people you meet, managing meetings, organizing projects, and more.

Fujitsu: From Paper To Digital: Helping Clients Go Paperless

Though scanner manufacturers have been producing smaller, faster, easy-to-use scanners, for clients, the thought of going paperless is still overwhelming and scary! Professional organizers and productivity consultants can be the answer for them. Let us help you to free your clients from the paper monster!

HomeZada: "Learning the Value of Digital Home Management"

Managing your largest asset digitally becomes valuable when owning, buying or selling your home. This session will focus on the value of digital home management and will showcase HomeZada's platform on how to manage this information. From taking a home inventory, to managing maintenance tasks, to managing home improvement projects and finally highlighting this information when you are ready to sell your home can have a positive impact on your life.

MEDIA MAGNET - How To Get Great PR

In this interactive and engaging presentation, you will learn what PR can do for your business, and what it can't do, how to position yourself as an expert and what you need to do to win coverage. It's time to get PR working for your business! 

Organized Mind, Organized Life: Brain Hacks for Productivity

Indeed, in our crazy-busy world, everyone can use a little more mental organization and control. This session taps into the burgeoning area of mindfulness-related productivity strategies, providing a toolbox of powerful yet easily implemented mindfulness "brain-hacks" promoting order and productivity. 

Organizing Electronic Documents in Cloud-Based Systems

In today's new world of multiple cloud-based systems, such as DropBox, Google Drive, and Evernote, clients are having a hard time knowing where to put electronic documents and information. Information has become scattered into various electronic systems making it even more challenging for clients to retrieve information. This session will inform participants on how to organize electronic documents and records in cloud-based document management systems. 

REDESIGN: Adding V.A.L.U.E. To Your Organizing Business

Come explore how this type of service can add new income streams to your business and help boost your bottom line. Learn basic tools and techniques to help get you started and how to further your career in this growing field.

Relos: Near, Far and Far, Far Away!

Be bold! Seize the opportunity to learn the complex rules, regulations, challenges, and opportunities that await you in moving clients out of provinces or even out of Canada or the USA. You will learn best practices and in-depth knowledge of all moving processes required to be successful in this rapidly increasing consumer marketplace. Identify a core body of knowledge related to truly long distance moves: procedures, documents, processes, and special skills. 

Rock Your Content

Rock Your Content makes marketing professionals and business owners think about their goals, their brand, and gets them outside of their marketing box. With examples of great content marketing campaigns, they'll walk away with homework and a plan they can start on as soon as they're back at the office.

Show Me the Money! Money Mindset & Pricing Strategies

In order to be profitable in business, you must overcome money mindset issues so that you value your services and charge what you are worth, develop and implement an effective pricing strategy, and make sure that it is a good match for your business model, market and income needs. Learn how to overcome price objections, and figure out whether to engage in bartering, discounts and pro bono offerings. Discover how to implement policies, such as deposits and retainers, that may help you stop leaving money on the table. 

Smead Manufacturing Company: 3 Revenue Boosts

The business savvy pro is always looking for ways to boost the bottom line. This session will give you the strategies and tools to add more revenue dollars when you organize your clients with the color of Smead Viewables®.

Stuff Matters: The Language of Clutter

In this session we will explore the language of clutter, the emotional imprints we project onto our belongings, and the energy currents that travel through physical matter. We will learn what our spaces are telling us and how, as professional organizers, we can guide our clients to better understand their homes. 

Tackle Your Client's Digital Photo Collection

This session will help you "unlock" the secrets of digital photo organization so you can return home and immediately provide assistance to your customers. 

The Many Faces of Hoarding and Trauma

Learn more about the people, the reasons and the treatments for those who hoard or are chronically disorganized. Participants will learn the new diagnostic criteria for hoarding and there will be discussion surrounding the most current reasons for the behavior.

The POWER To Say NO So You Can Say YES To What Matters!

This session explores the benefits of just saying 'NO,' and provides strategies to help make it easier. This is a critical skill not only for yourself but to both model and share with employees and clients, to help them be more realistic and focused in their thinking, relationships, and actions, and more successful at achieving their organizing goals and work/home/self-care balance.

The WOW Factor: Creating Brand Ambassadors For Your Business

This session, The WOW Factor: Creating Brand Ambassadors For Your Business, shares the secrets of today's top companies and how they not only attract customers, but turn them into loyal customers. Small businesses and large corporations, in order to succeed, should know how to "WOW" their customers in order to outperform and outshine their competition.

Think Like a Negotiator

Negotiation is simply discussions to agree on a deal. Whether you are negotiating a multi-million dollar deal or simply where to meet for dinner, improving your negotiation skills will give you more confidence and better results. In this highly-charged, content-packed presentation Eldonna will show you how to find more power, negotiate better deals, and create win-win results. 

Turning LIKES Into LEADS

Sure you have built a large Twitter following and have a thousand fans on your Facebook page, but are they actually converting to solid business? If you aren't making social media a more strategic and integrated part of your overall marketing plan, you're just collecting LIKES! 

Using Technology To Increase Productivity and Profitability

Learn 50 Ways to Use Technology to Increase Productivity & Profitability. Are you looking for ways to get more done so you can focus on growing your business? Why not use simple technology tools to your advantage? Professional Organizers, Kim Oser, CPO® and Deb Lee, CPO® will share 50 ways you can use technology to increase your productivity and profitability! 

Utilizing Lean Principles in Home and Office Environments

Lean principles have been widely utilized in corporate and manufacturing settings. Companies have seen huge increases in productivity which have equaled big savings in time and money. These concepts can also be applied in smaller settings such as the home. 

Virtual Organizing Work With Anyone, Anytime, Anywhere

Virtual Organizing is a growing trend in our industry. It allows you to expand your client base beyond your local area and increase your earning potential. This session will provide you with the systems, tools, and technology you'll need to develop your virtual organizing services. 

What's ADHD Got To Do With It?

Whether your clients have ADHD or not, when they don't take action, progress stops dead in its tracks. This session will be led by Laurie Dupar, trained Psychiatric Mental Health Practitioner and 12 year credentialed ADHD life coach. Stop the frustration and exhaustion of trying to get your client to follow through.


NAPO 2014 Conference Sessions 

155 Strategies for Special Needs Clients & Their Families

Sometimes individuals are born with organizing challenges or they're disorganized as a result of a life-changing experience. Overcoming daily obstacles can be an obstacle in itself. At best, it is difficult to find organizing methods for individuals and families dealing with non-traditional ways of being in the world. Our session will address alternative ways of de-cluttering and organizing for those who may not be served by the mainstream solutions.

156 How To Work "On" Not "In" Your Business

If you're still working “in” your business instead of working “on” your business, you aren't focusing on the strategic, big-picture moves needed to grow your company as much and as quickly as it's capable of growing. In this session, you will learn the specifics of how to step out of the day-to-day and into the much-needed leadership role that your organization is currently missing.

157 Creating Home & Small Business Inventories

Interested in expanding your business? Learn the basics about creating household and small business inventories. It doesn't take much time or money to add this service to your lineup. Storms, fires and floods can cause financial loss if clients can't submit a detailed insurance claim. Inventories are also useful for divorce settlements, estate appraisals and moves. 

158 Marketing To Therapists and Psychiatrists

Therapists and psychiatrists see many clients who could benefit from working with an organizer, yet many of these clinicians are unaware of the wide range of services that organizers offer. We will discuss numerous ways to approach, educate, and market your services to this valuable referral source. Collaborating with mental health clinicians will not only build your business, but will also better enable both of you to meet your clients' needs.

159 Master the Sales Process

You love being a Professional Organizer and helping your clients. And, of course, you love sales and marketing, right? NOT! Most organizers tolerate, maybe even dread the sales process; but it doesn't have to be that way. You will learn a proven, specific 8-step script for managing the sales process in a loving, supportive, “Heart-Centered” way. 

160 Evernote for Work - Advanced Implementation Strategies

Evernote is awesome - it's super flexible and lets you and your clients access your important information from anywhere. However, it's not always clear how to best make use of it, especially in a business setting. At this session, you'll see how other businesses are using Evernote, and you'll learn how you can put Evernote to work in your business and for your clients. 

CR-14001 Finding Flow

This assessment approach to flow is client focused and provides an objective basis upon which client's style preferences are assessed. Behavioral anchors help clients self-identify and intuitively learn what will work for them, based on their natural, already-in-place behaviors. Style acceptance empowers ownership for time and space struggles and offers clients the ability to flex their behaviors. This assessment is a tool for professionals to instantly increase client skills-transfer.

CR-14002 Going Paperless To Boost Productivity

Going paperless is about much more than saving trees and having a clean desk. Turning our clients' piles of paper into an organized, electronic system can help dramatically boost productivity by giving instant access to the information they need right when they need it.

CR-14003 Distracted & Obsessed: Helping ADHD/OCD Clients

Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) and Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD) are both characterized by executive functioning deficits in the areas of organization, prioritization, motivation, decision-making and dysregulated attention. In addition, 30% of people with OCD also have ADHD. These diagnostic populations represent a target clientele that benefits greatly from the services of professional organizers. We will cover the basics of the ADHD brain and the OCD brain. Marketing strategies will be reviewed, as well as ways to work effectively and successfully with individuals with ADHD and/or OCD.

CR-14004 Six Figure Marketing on a $2 Budget

Eric and Angel bring you an affordable do-it-yourself marketing system that doesn't feel like selling. You will learn how to attract new customers, how to get repeat business from your current clients and how to develop a marketing calendar that will have your clients referring you all year long. Come learn a fun and affordable approach to taking your business to 6-figures this year.

CR-14005 Ask the Organizer Panel 1 and 2

One of the most popular Annual Conference sessions offered. Our panel discussion will offer insights to newer as well as more experienced professionals, as panelists share the collective knowledge they’ve gained while becoming leaders and innovators in the Professional Organizing industry.



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