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NAPO Specialist Certificate Track

NAPO Specialist Residential Organizing CertificateNAPO Specialist Workplace Productivity Certificate 


A Specialist Certificate gives organizing and productivity professionals the opportunity to deepen their knowledge in a particular area of study, and demonstrates their commitment to professional development. NAPO proudly offers Specialist Certificates in two areas: Residential Organizing and Workplace Productivity. Completing the course of study in one of those areas will earn a digital web badge that can be displayed on a website, on marketing materials, and shared with clients, colleagues, friends, and family. Note that only Professional Members in good standing can earn a Specialist Certificate.


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For an easy and *organized* way to track your classes as you work towards your NAPO Specialist Certificates, click on the two tracking worksheets and download them to make sure you're on your way to becoming a NAPO Specialist in either (or both!) Workplace Productivity and Residential Organizing!

NAPO Specialist Certificate in Workplace Productivity Tracking Worksheet

NAPO Specialist Certificate in Residential Organizing Tracking Worksheet

NAPO Specialist Certificate FAQs

If my chapter has purchased the licensing for the conference recordings, and I take the course by selecting it from the conference recordings, it still counts, right? I don't have to pay for the course for it to count?
Correct, if your chapter has purchased the conference recordings and you complete them, then that will count towards your Specialist Certificate. You do not have to pay for the course for it to count.

Can I count the classes I've attended live at past conferences?
Yes, if you've attended a session within the last two years at a NAPO Conference that is now offered as a class towards a NAPO Specialist Certificate and have your certificate of attendance for that particular session, then you may use those classes towards your Specialist Certificate. Any conference classes older than two years must be applied within the 90 day grace period which expires December 12, 2016.

Can I use a course for both CPO® credit and certificate?
Yes, you may use these courses for both CPO® credit hours (as long as they are eligible according to the BCPO® Handbook) as well as the specialist certificate.

Can I use my Chapter's CDs that they purchased? I'd like to listen to the conference recordings that way.
Yes, you may use your Chapter CD’s and listen to them to get credit towards the Specialist Certificate but only through the 90 day grace period up to the December 12 deadline.  After Dec. 12, all classes have to have been taken and documented through NAPO University. Anything older than 2 years old would no longer meet the grace period, but if your chapter purchased CD’s within the last two years you would have access to listen to them through NAPO University as well.

Will the certificate require reapplying periodically?
No, it will not. When you earn a NAPO Specialist Certificate, it does not require any sort of upkeep or renewal once you have earned the certificate.

Do all conference recordings on CD's count towards a Specialist Certificate if you have listened to them before the Dec.12th date?
Yes, but only if you are applying for the certificate before Dec. 12, otherwise NO, after Dec. 12 you will have to have past conference recordings be documented through NAPO University.

After Dec. 12th, in order for a CD to count you will need to have listened to them within the two year time frame or do CD's not count after Dec.12th and only NAPO University counts?
After Dec. 12 everything will have to be documented through NAPO University, but if you're chapter has purchased the CD's going back to 2014, you will be able to stream them through the NAPO University for free still.

When we go to apply for a Specialist Certificate, is there anything we need to know when we are applying some of the classes we have heard on CD?
No, if applying for SC before Dec. 12, you will need to check off the classes you are stating you took.  If you are claiming classes from CD's or past conferences, just be prepared to prove you attended them in case of an audit.  The three ways for proof are detailed on the Specialist Certificate pages.

How long will it take to receive my Specialist Certificate Badge?
It may take up to a week or two to see your certificate if there is a large quantity coming through all at once.

What are the advantages to the All Access Bundle?
The All Access Bundle includes everything but Live classes (Conference Registration, On-Demand NAPO University Classes, and Conference Recordings) at a substantial discount. This will give you most everything you need for the Specialist Tracks as well. 
*Please note: most of the Live classes offered in the Specialist Tracks will be recorded for On Demand at their next class offering so these will then become available as On Demand as well.

What are the advantages to the Passion for Learning Bundle?
The Passion for Learning Bundle includes all NAPO University offerings except Live classes (On-Demand NAPO University Classes and Conference Recordings) at a substantial discount. 
*Please note: most of the Live classes offered in the Specialist Tracks will be recorded for On Demand at their next class offering so these will then become available as On Demand as well.

Is there a way we can simplify trying to figure out what classes will qualify based on what we have taken in the past?
Yes, please take advantage of the Tracking Worksheets that are created for each Specialist Certificate. They have all the information you should need to know for obtaining your certificates, including the type of class (ie. Live, OnDemand or Conf Rec.) which will help you to determine what applies to the bundles as well. 

The tracking sheet asks for code words but not all classes contain them. 
In the Tracking Worksheet, you're instructed to add code words. Not all classes contain code words, but most of them do. Feel free to leave blank those classes which do not have code words.

Can I download a class and watch it later?
Currently you cannot download any NAPO University class in order to watch or listen at a later time. In order to receive credit for the class and maintain our intellectual property policies, classes will retain their streaming format and not be available for download.

203 Time Management is no longer listed in the courses, but it's on the Tracking Sheet and Application. Why?
Some NAPO Members could have completed this class within the last two years before they apply, so they may use it in their application. However, the class is no longer active and is not listed on the Workplace Productivity Specialist Certificate page. 

Is there a difference between the CPO® credential and the Specialist Certificate Program?
Yes, there are several differences between the two. The CPO® (Certified Professional Organizer®) credential designates an organizer who has demonstrated his or her knowledge and experience by achieving all of the criteria to become eligible to sit for the Board of Certification for Professional Organizers® (BCPO®) exam and subsequently passed it. The Specialist Certificate Program is really focused on individuals who are seeking to set themselves apart in professional residential organizing and workplace productivity, but may not have acquired 1500 hours of paid transfer-of-knowledge organizing work experience within a three year window. Achieving a Specialist Certificate is an opportunity for an organizer to further his or her pathway to eventually earning the CPO® designation. The Specialist Certificates do not expire and do not require Continuing Education Units hours for renewal.

The CPO® designation is designed to elevate professional standards, enhance individual performance, and identify professional organizers who demonstrate the knowledge essential to the practice of professional organizing. In order to earn the CPO® designation, an individual must have at least 1500 hours of paid transfer-of-knowledge organizing work experience within three years prior to applying for and passing a challenging certification examination. To maintain certification, CPOs must recertify every three years by obtaining a minimum of 45 qualifying CEUs or re-taking the exam. 



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