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Consumer Case Studies

Professional Organizer helps client transform her business

Angela Anderson gives new meaning to the phrase working from home. Not only was the project manager’s office situated in her California home, but for three or four years Anderson did most of her work from the comforts of her bed.

A power strip in her bedroom kept Anderson connected to her clients and allowed her to plug in a laptop and run a blackberry — all while watching television. Since the overworked Anderson often clocked 60 to 70 hours a week, comfort was a key to getting the job done. Between her sheets and with the TV in the background, Anderson literally put in the hours until she fell asleep each night. But, what began as a dream-come-true work situation soon turned into a nightmare for Anderson. “All of that was not really conducive to getting work accomplished,” she said. “It’s just not a way to run a business.”

NAPO professional organizer to the rescue

Frustrated and in need of a business awakening, Anderson reached out to a member of the National Association of Professional Organizers for direction. “The organizer said ‘you need to feel like the CEO of your business,’” Anderson recalled. To accomplish that, the organizer suggested transforming an extra room in Anderson’s home into an office. “I wasn’t really interested in doing that,” she said. “I needed another thing to do for myself like I needed a hole in the head.”

Despite her initial apprehension, Anderson soon realized that converting the spare room was the best option. Through strategizing and working with the organizer, she transformed the “junk room” into an “incredible office” within a matter of weeks.

The first task was to determine what Anderson hoped to accomplish in her office and what tools she needed in order to be successful. Since she needed easy access to her client’s contracts and billing information, adding filing cabinets topped the to-do list for her home office. Next, the organizer helped her to set up a filing system. “It has accomplished what was intended. I just had to get a hold of my work life a little better,” she said. “When I sit there now, I do feel like a CEO of my company.”

For the NAPO member, Anderson’s new home office was just a matter of rethinking. “It was really looking at where her business was, where she wanted it to go and what was keeping her from getting it there,” the organizer said. “The greatest thing we do for our clients is we change lives.”